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The Wandering Naturalist

Mar 29, 2023

Join as aspiring winter backpacker and thru-hiker, Emily Ford, shares on the remarkable journey of being the first woman to thru-hike Wisconsin's 1,200-mile Ice Age National Scenic Hiking Trail in winter.  Hear how Emily continues to seek adventure and represent the underrepresented in outdoor spaces.  

Mar 1, 2023

Learn about the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources program called Becoming an Outdoors Woman from its coordinator, Linda Bylander.  Whether you're trying an activity for the first time, or you consider yourself an expert, you can gain new skills and improve techniques in a relaxed, fun, and...

Mar 1, 2023

Engaging with the outdoors can take many forms, from hiking to skiing to kayaking, but barriers can create hesitation or doubt of your own abilities.  Learn from guest, Allie Dart, Recreation Program Specialist at Three Rivers, on local opportunities for fem friendly programs, what makes them supportive, and why they...

Mar 1, 2023

The relationship each of us creates and builds with wilderness is uniquely our own, but what is wilderness?  Join with Angela and Brandon, featuring special co-host Sara Gaines, as they take on the deeper definition and what it means to our guest, Ebba Safverblad-Nelson who is currently living in Sweden.  A worldly...